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C.P. Kelly: Top Commercial General Contractor in Rochester NY

C.P. Kelly is here to help you, as one of the top commercial general contractors Rochester NY relies on for collaborative, quality projects that showcase the best of your business all under one roof. Give us a call today to learn how we can help your business come to life.

Make the Right First Impressions

You always hear that first impressions make a difference and that you should always strive to look your best when meeting someone. You should treat your business the same way as well, keeping it in top condition to meet the latest new client or employee that walks through your doors.

It’s important that your business gives the right first impressions to customers. As soon as customers set foot in your building, they are making decisions about your operation and determining how they feel about doing business with you.

These subconscious decisions and impressions make a significant difference in how they interact with your business, and whether they do business with your company at all. Making the right first impression is an essential component of setting the customer at ease and growing your company at a comfortable and steady pace that Rochester NY is famous for.

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New Build-Outs and Renovations

New build outs are an exciting prospect for a new owner, and we are thrilled to be there for the process.

At C.P. Kelly, we specialize in ground-up projects, new constructions, and start-to-finish projects such as renovations and building updates. Our team is proud to provide a unique blend of case studies of all business types in the Rochester NY region.

Renovations can be difficult for some owners because a renovation typically means that you must close the business down, particularly during full remodeling or renovation work. At C.P. Kelly, we strive to minimize the amount of downtime your business might encounter, keeping revenue flowing in while your renovations are completed.

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We Handle Commercial and Industrial Work

Partnering with our team means more than just having a collaborative general contractor and project manager on staff. By bringing C.P. Kelly on board early on in the process, we can ensure your design team doesn’t make costly mistakes and require redesigns that extend the project timeline and budget.

Instead, we streamline everything from the beginning and collaborate with your team, bringing in our own subcontractors that can help with any type of work, both commercial and industrial.

Don’t limit yourself to what a single contractor can do. Instead, bring on a partner that can help you execute the project on time and on budget.

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Call C.P. Kelly Today 

Looking for a commercial contractor that can help you breathe life into your business, setting your company apart from all the others? Call C.P. Kelly today for a consultation call and a collaborative approach to your project. Whether you are looking for a remodel or a general contractor that can help you with a ground-up project from start to finish, we can help you.

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