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Commercial Remodeling Contractor Rochester NY

Rochester NY is a thriving network of economic growth, and in the recent years, commercial businesses have begun assessing their need for expansion as the region expands and more customers are looking for a more refined ambiance in restaurants, businesses, and offices, all with greater capacity.

When you are considering remodeling, choose the commercial remodeling contractors Rochester NY has relied on since 2005, keeping businesses afloat with community values and personalized services.

Our Commercial Remodeling Capabilities

No matter what you need done, our team can handle the remodeling work.

Our commercial remodeling capabilities include cleanroom installations, handicap accessible restrooms, lighting and electrical installations, and acoustical ceiling systems, and much more.

We customize the project details based on your needs, and negotiate with your design team to budget and find a timeline and scope that fits into your capacity for a remodel.

If something doesn’t go right during the project, we work quickly and efficiently to fix it and notify you and your team about the problem, working closely together to find the solution and get your project back on track. We strive to ensure all our jobs are a job well done.

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Why Choose C.P. Kelly?

At C. P. Kelly, we believe that our greatest strength is in our ability to form strong, long-lasting partnerships with our customers. We are honored to be among the top choices for western New York remodeling contractors, thriving as an owner-operated business that focuses on small business while retaining our personal touch as we continue to strive to do better within the community.

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Full Service General Contracting Services Include

At C.P. Kelly, we go above and beyond to ensure your project is a success. Our general contracting services match those expectations, providing you with a full suite of services, including working closely with your design and engineering team, as well as the architect to create a full project scope and plan for remodeling. We streamline the process from the beginning with project management, estimating, scope management, and timeline planning. No matter what you need, we have trusted subcontractors that we can rely on to get the work done professionally, ensuring that all project requirements are met, regulations and guidelines are met, and your initial vision is brought to life.

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Contact C.P. Kelly for Commercial and Industrial Renovation

If you’re looking for commercial remodeling contractors Rochester NY relies on for successful project renovations, you’re in luck. C.P. Kelly has been in business since 2005, providing results on highly collaborative projects, keeping your timeline on track and under-budget while streamlining the project success.

Our team is happy to work with you and your design team to minimize the amount of downtime your project requires to complete renovations, ensuring quick repairs, adjustments, and full remodels are treated with the level of detail and care they deserve at every stage. We specialize in both commercial and industrial renovation projects, adhering to all local regulations and building codes. To learn more about our process, get in touch today.

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