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Design Build Rochester NY

C.P. Kelly is western New York’s top choice across the region. We are your full-suite contractor and builder for ground-up projects, seeing your project through from start to finish. We work meticulously with our clients to ensure our designs capture the essence of every vision, bringing it to life in the final build out or renovation.

Benefits of Design-Build Work

Design build work is an exciting new front in construction work that allows owners to take better control of their projects and showcase their top talent.

Furthermore, design build work has been shown to end in higher success rates than other types of project builds, resulting in 60% or greater delivery speed, 13% and greater construction speeds, and reduced downtime or timeline expansion.

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How It Works

In design build work, you’ll work with C. P. Kelly throughout the process from the very beginning of the project. Our team works with yours as a unified front to create plans for a successful build out or renovation that meets your design requirements, schedule, and budget.

This unique way of working together reduces the management burden on you as the owner, and allows all areas of your team to communicate and collaborate from the start.

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What Does Design-Build Include?

Rather than the traditional structure of having two separate contracts for both design and build, the design-build process includes both contractors, where the contractor, designers, subcontractors, and owner works together to build and plan the project that either meets or exceeds the initial desired expectations.

Design-build can include all aspects of a project’s timeline and deliverables from planning to final build out that is ready for its grand opening.

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How Long Does It Take for Construction?

Construction times depend on your project and how extensive your remodel or build is. The size of the restaurant and equipment necessary to get the space ready are both factors in this timeline. For the final touches, your construction company will also need to source fixtures and furnishings to provide the finished environment.

This process can take anywhere from a several weeks to several months to build everything from start to finish and ensure it meets your requirements and is up-to-date with regulatory codes. To meet this timeline on-budget, it’s important to hire a general contractor with a proven track record of timeliness. At C.P. Kelly, we’re here every step of the way to ensure your construction is successful.

Choosing a General Contractor for Design Build

When choosing a general contractor for design build work, you need to ensure the contractor is reputable and has experience with design build work in the past.

At C.P. Kelly, our certified and licensed contractors specialize in design build work and are accustomed to working with a dynamic team for a range of build outs, whether it is a ground-up project, or a start-to-finish remodeling project.

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Quality Craftsmanship

C.P. Kelly specializes in quality craftsmanship in every tailored project, breathing life into every new build and capturing the essence of your vision with every design choice.

We ensure that all contractors and subcontractors are informed of all design decisions and they have the ability to work directly with the design team collaboratively as well, to ensure the project is successful with quality craftsmanship at every turn

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Contact C.P. Kelly for Design Build Rochester NY

Choosing a design build partner is the first step to a successful project that meets – or exceeds – your project expectations, streamlining the project for faster completion with higher results.

For quality design build Rochester NY relies on, contact our team today and learn more about how we can help make your project a success.

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