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Ground Up Construction Rochester Rochester NY

If you are looking for commercial construction services or a renovation team, C.P. Kelly is here for you. As an owner-operated business that works to ensure we spread community values in everything we do, we work to continue to provide better and more options for all types of businesses. From commercial to industrial construction from the ground up, or partial and full renovation services for existing buildings, we can help you complete your project successfully, bringing it to life in a way that exceeds your expectations.

What Is Ground Up Construction in Rochester?

When you consider the growth of ground up construction Rochester NY is among the top cities that are thriving in today’s market. Not only is the city a beautiful economic sector that many businesses are looking to relocate to or build near, but the city itself has a bustling culture where arts and history meet.

Ground up construction is an essential component of a new business location, starting the building project from scratch. At this stage in the construction process, nothing has been built and the landscape still requires preparation, or has only recently been prepared for the new lot.

This requires a commercial contractor that can handle the rigorous demands of a ground-up construction project’s timeline, as well as a keen sense of detail to plan, project, and build a building from the very beginning.

Tim Hortons Latta / Long Pond

Benefits of Ground Up Construction

Ground-up construction is beneficial because unlike working with multiple contractors and subcontractors individually, your general contractor and project manager works with the team collaboratively to build the space based on your specifications. From start to finish, the project manager is responsible for the timeline and budget of the project, ensuring your project is finished quickly and with quality craftsmanship. The collaborative approach that C.P. Kelly takes to a ground-up construction project minimizes team conflicts and ensures everyone is working on the same page from the start.

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Why Choose C.P. Kelly 

C.P. Kelly is a tried and true general contracting company that specializes in community care and collaboration, bringing in only trusted subcontractors and working with your team at every step of the way to ensure everyone is on board with project plans with full transparency. Ground-up construction can be a difficult space to navigate without a good project manager, and we bring our skills to the table to ensure everything goes smoothly, getting your business ready for the big grand opening.

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