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Commercial General Contractor West Seneca NY

C.P. Kelly: Building with Integrity and Excellence

Established in 2005, C.P. Kelly has become synonymous with high-quality construction and ethical business practices throughout New York, including West Seneca. Our team is committed to delivering outstanding commercial construction services grounded in Christian values.

Our Commercial General Contracting Services

  • Estimating: Our experienced estimators provide accurate, transparent, and competitive quotes, ensuring that every project aligns with your financial and timeline objectives.
  • Design / Build: Offering a streamlined approach by integrating design and construction phases, we deliver faster project completion with cohesive project responsibility.
  • Project Management: With a hands-on approach from our owner and a dedicated team, we ensure meticulous attention to detail and streamlined communication throughout the construction process.
  • Renovations and Conversions: Our track record includes transforming commercial spaces into vibrant, modern environments while minimizing disruption to your daily operations.
  • Ground-Up Construction: We bring visions to life with our ground-up construction services, ensuring that every new structure not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Why West Seneca Trusts C.P. Kelly

  • Local Insight: Our experience across New York State provides us with valuable insights into the unique aspects of construction projects in West Seneca, including adherence to local codes and understanding regional environmental factors.
  • Comprehensive Construction Services: From initial planning to final execution, we ensure every phase of your project is handled with precision and care, specializing in projects that require minimal disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Community Commitment: Guided by our faith, we actively participate in community improvement projects, reinforcing our commitment to the areas we serve.
Bivona Child Advocacy Center

Restaurant Contractor West Seneca, NY

Specialized in Building and Transforming Restaurant Spaces

C.P. Kelly excels in developing and renovating restaurant spaces in West Seneca. We understand the critical importance of design and functionality in the hospitality industry and work closely with our clients to create environments that attract and retain customers. Our team focuses on efficient layouts and high-quality finishes, ensuring that each project supports the operational goals of our clients while enhancing the dining experience.

Carnegie Cellars

Our Latest Work

Redefining Excellence in Construction

Get Started with C.P. Kelly

Planning a construction or renovation project in West Seneca, NY? Contact C.P. Kelly to see how our commitment to quality and client satisfaction can bring your vision to life. Whether updating an existing restaurant or starting a brand new commercial development, we are here to assist you through every phase of your project.

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